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Criminal defense is a high stakes game in which an accused’s career, reputation and family life is on the line. If you are currently facing criminal charges, it is critical to understand that the difference between a guilty and not guilty almost always comes down to the quality of the defense attorney. That is why upon becoming a criminal defendant, the most important decision of your life will be who you hire as your lawyer.

What sets Hyland Law away from the pack is simple, yet significant: We take it personally. By this, we mean that Hyland Law approaches every case with the mindset that we are the ones who are personally charged with the crime. We put in the long nights in the office, we conduct the hours of case law research, we review the State’s evidence with a fine tooth comb. We leave no stone unturned because we are aware of the significant ramifications a conviction will have on your life.

But our work ethic and mentality is only half of the equation. Hyland Law combines this approach with talent and skill. The founder, Thomas J. Hyland, is a former Cook County Prosecutor with several years of experience handling criminal matters. As such, he can assess a case from the perspective of the prosecution, quickly detect the weaknesses in a police investigation, and anticipate the state’s trial strategy. Furthermore, his countless hours of litigation has resulted in the courtroom becoming a second home. As such, We never shy away from taking a case to trial.

At Hyland Law, we understand that this is your life, your freedom and your future at risk. That is why you need a hard-working and highly skilled trial attorney who will fight like hell to protect it. Do not hesitate, make the right decision. Call Hyland Law today.

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